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Sifting and Sorting

I was blessed with a BIG box of very old patterns a couple of years ago, by a dear friend whose mother was a seamstress. Tonight Molly and I got down to the business of trying to sort and put together the patterns. Some are so old they don’t have any print on them, and these will be harder to find a place for. I now have two pattern boxes full of old patterns, one box of tattered and ripped patterns that I will place in plastic bags, and attempt scanning the directions. They were stored in an attic, so were kept dry, but some are from the late 20’s-early 30’s, and the paper is just OLD. Several are from the 40’s, with a patriotic bent to them, many from the 50’s, and a few for children mixed into all decades. I also put in the first patterns I made, when I was 12, then when I took sewing in 8th grade.

I also started a dress for Molly with the pattern I made my first dress from, with some vintage fabric I had. It’s a nice pique, orange and lime green! It’s a nice fabric, I wish we could still get it with that quality.

I ordered a pattern tonight for Molly, who has requested a vintage dress that she can spin in:

And a dress for Laura to wear to her Homeschool Prom in the spring:

Looking forward to working on these!


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The trip, backwards.

After we left Savannah, we visited  Catherine in Philly. We had a great time eating out and doing girly stuff like masks. We also got to meet Cath’s boyfriend, Matt. 100_2656


I put this picture up first, Catherine’s request. But I am going to put in the other picture at some point soon. She just liked this one best.


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Blast from the past!!!!!

You could have knocked me over with a feather this afternoon, when I got a phone call from someone I have known since I was….8 years old!!! Our families have been friends since the Navy days, and we tried to keep in touch even when we didn’t live near each other. Tom…he’s still Tommy as far as I’m concerned, called this afternoon. I haven’t heard from him or anyone in his family in at least 20 years, though my dad gave me updates when he talked to Aunt Margie. As soon as I can find a picture( or when Tom emails me some) I will put them up here.

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I’m going to upload a couple of pictures for now, with more to come later with a bit more about the visit.

Robbie and 2A are….IN the zoo?

Laura, Laura(Rob’s new girlfriend!), and Molly


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The Good, The Bad, and the Knitted

Today was a mix of the good and the not so good. On the not so good side, I had the dawning realization that having my freezer not freeze and my fridge freeze was a bad thing. I think I will have to cook up all the meat in the freezer tomorrow, so it won’t go bad. Also, Jeff came home feeling icky from Kodak(early), and called off TRU. I think he got the dreaded flu that’s been going around town.

The good side, however, was really good! The girls and I met a dear friend and her daughter for a late lunch(or dupper as we are calling it) at Chili’s. I always have so much fun when I am around Kae, and her daughter is just as witty and silly as the rest of us. Kae brought me some books of knitting patterns, including two Dale of Norway booklets. I can’t wait to start doing colorwork!
We also made a short trip to SA, where we found some more drinking glasses, and I got two books: The Joy of Signing, and Make Your Own Groceries.

I finished up the second Fawkes sock today, and have to get that in the mail. I will post a picture tomorrow before I send it off, it was my first pair of “fancy” socks, and I am pleased with how they turned out.





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