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Signs in Milwaukee

Mike sent this to Jeff, it came to him from one of his Law Profs.


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Packer Fans!

Here are a couple of pictures of 3rd and 4th generation Packer fans! GO PACK!!!




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Rob’s group in the news

from the Army Times Online:

3rd CAB soars to 60K flight hours in 7 months

Staff report
Posted : Monday Dec 31, 2007 15:23:03 EST

The aviators, flight crews and maintainers in the 3rd Infantry Division’s combat aviation brigade celebrated a combat zone milestone that supersedes their achievement during the brigade’s last deployment.

The brigade’s 104 helicopters reached the 60,000 mark in flight hours Dec. 29, just seven months after arriving in Baghdad, according to a press release from Multi-National Division-Center.

The 3rd CAB is on course to fly more combat hours in a 12-month period than it did during its last deployment to Iraq in 2005, when it logged more than 80,000 flight hours in 12 months, according to Chief Warrant Officer 4 Art Gribensk, the brigade’s maintenance officer.

This time, they could exceed 100,000 hours in 12 months, Gribensk said in the release, and even more over the course of the 15-month deployment.

“Based on the present operations tempo I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect that we’ll hit 120,000 rotary-wing flight hours by the end of the 15-month deployment,” he said in the release.

The 3rd CAB’s ability to reach this milestone is attributable to the synchronization of air and ground operations, and a comprehensive maintenance plan, brigade executive officer Lt. Col. Robert Wilson said in the release.


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