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Savannah, part one

So, the whole reason for going to Savannah was to help out when this little miss was born:


Magdalena Rose, born March 21, 7lbs 11oz. She just gets cuter every day!

While we were there, I finally got to go to River Street!!! I have been waiting very patiently for a chance to go.



The history of the buildings just amazes me. I would love to go back in time to see them in their original use(of course, being a woman, I would not have been down in the cotton district, it was all business).


We went to Kevin Barry’s. I had the Irish Sampler, which included from left: Shepherd Pie, corned beef and cabbage, and Irish Stew. YUM. After that, we went and got Pralines. Thank goodness we did a lot of walking! We also drove by the childhood home of Flannery O’Conner. We had hoped to go on a tour, but never got the chance. Ah well, next time! We did the traditional trip to Tybee Island, and helped Em and Russ for a couple of weeks. We stayed long enough for the baby to get baptised, then headed off for Philly, which I’ve already posted about.


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The trip, backwards.

After we left Savannah, we visited  Catherine in Philly. We had a great time eating out and doing girly stuff like masks. We also got to meet Cath’s boyfriend, Matt. 100_2656


I put this picture up first, Catherine’s request. But I am going to put in the other picture at some point soon. She just liked this one best.


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The colors they are a changin’

We started out on our annual trip through the Finger Lakes yesterday with the plan of driving around Lake Conesus. On a whim, we decided to head for Letchworth State Park. We had a wonderful afternoon, and there are a lot of pictures to prove it!

The girls learned so much, it was like having school in the great outdoors. We had PE, Science, History, Geography. All in one place.


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Rob is back in the states!!

We left last Friday for Joni’s to meet up with the girls(who had been in Green Bay having “piano camp” with Jeffs mom), then Saturday headed for Savannah. We had just enough time to get everything in our room before it was time to head for the airport to get Laura M. Just about the time we got in the car to go, the skies opened up…honestly it feels like it has been following me around all summer.

On Sunday, Laura, the girls and I hung out at the pool, till it was time to meet up with Steveo and Colleen, and head over to Hunter to wait for Rob. Not long after we got on post and over to the Hangar we were told the plane had some trouble and that they would be late getting in. We all headed back off post to Denny’s to eat and just hang out till it was time to go back. The skies opened up again right after we got to Denny’s. Then the power went out all up and down the street. Steve and Colleen had to leave, but we figured we might as well hang out there as anywhere since we didn’t have power in our hotel either. The power came back on after an hour, but while it was out, the waitress kept us in drinks and brought over a plate of nachos, the only thing they could fix with no power.

At 9:30 we headed back over to Hunter to wait. At 10 we heard the announcer say “wheels down”. At that point it’s always about an hour till we get to see them. They have to unload the gear, turn in weapons, watch a “return to the states don’t be an idjit” video. Finally, they closed the Hangar doors, which means they are about to board the buses and head over. You can usually see the bus lights through the cracks in the door, and the boots of the first in line in formation. At this point the crowd goes WILD! It’s hard not to get emotional at this point. The doors are opened, the troops march in. The Commanding Officer gave a short speech, then turned us loose on the troops.

Monday, Jeff and Rob had to take care of getting Robs car registered and get Jeff on a bus to Ft. Campbell to bring it back. That took up a chunk of day. I let the girls go in the pool, then it rained. Of course.

Tuesday, we all got a slow start, then headed out for Tybee Island. We were there about a half an hour then the storms hit and the lifeguards made everyone get out of the water. We all got cleaned up and met up with Steve and Colleen again, and went out for dinner at Sticky Fingers. Yumtacular is all I have to say about that! About the time we were done eating(I didn’t even see the check hit the table but Rob sure did, thanks again Robbie!) Jeff got back to the hotel with Robs car.

Wednesday, Jeff, the girls and I headed for Philadelphia to spend the night with Cath. It was good great to see her. She will be home in about a week and I can’t wait!!!!

Thursday we made it home. Nail my feet to the floor, please.


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I can’t wait!!!!


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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Here is this years tree. My ace light-stringer is off riding helicopters over the sand, so I had to do it myself. Note at the bottom of the tree, there are presents. Wrapped presents. Yes, I know, it isn’t 2 am Christmas morning. I am hoping this year to be asleep at that time, for the first time in about a decade and a half.


This picture comes from our trip to Joni’s at Thanksgiving. We went to downtown Noblesville to check it out(it was so pretty and a very nice village atmosphere). I was really pleased by this banner.


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I’m out of town again!

Just a fast post to let y’all know I am at Em’s helping out with the new baby. Gavin Russell Brown was born 9/11 after a very fast labor and delivery. Next week I get to see Miles Michael Blinn, born 9/6!!! Two new grandsons for me!!!!


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