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Pictures of the babies

Miles Michael Blinn:

Gavin Russell Brown:


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I finished the slings!


I got the slings made today for Em and Mandy, thanks to this excellent tutorial from Michelle .

Em’s sling is the one on the left, Michael Miller fabric, a toile with children playing for the outside, and the alphabet(known as “scrabble” fabric by MM). It is directional fabric, and I put the lining in the wrong place so when Em wears it, it will look upside down. Oh. Well.

Mandy’s sling on the right, is Amy Butler fabric. I don’t remember the name of the outside piece, but the inside is part of the lotus collection. I picked this because I know Mandy loves orange, so I hope this isn’t overkill for her. I will be seeing Mandy tomorrow, she and Mike are driving to Cleveland to see the Indians/Red Sox playoff game, and I will be heading out there to babysit!!!! I can’t wait to see little Miles again(and yes Tricia, I will get some pics up soon).


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I’m only sort of MIA

So I’m back home, trying to catch up on things. Tomorrow we leave for Cleveland, to babysit new grandson Miles while his parents go to the Indians/Red Sox playoff game! I will also be posting later with a picture of the new slings I’m making for Mandy and Emily. I know my blogs have been boring lately, I just took a look and noticed it’s been mostly links to other things.

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