Pictures of the babies

Miles Michael Blinn:

Gavin Russell Brown:



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8 responses to “Pictures of the babies

  1. Brenda

    BEAUTIFUL babies!

  2. Holy cow that Miles looks like his daddy.

    Cute babies. My baby spent like half an hour tonight kicking me while I was watching Pushing Daisies, by the way.

  3. (I like how he’s pretending to look intelligent. That’s a Mike trait too, isn’t it.)

  4. Oh Cindy!!!!
    They are SO adorable!
    You are so blessed. Two little men coming into this world so close together!

    When you talk to Emily, tell her I think Gavin is PRECIOUS! She must be so very, very happy!

  5. Emily

    Yes, I see how Miles looks like his daddy now. How unfortunate for him…hahahahaha. Thanks for finally getting them up! Love ya!

  6. C.

    BAHAHAHAHAHA. Miles, you look as pretentious as your name. What an adorable small blob he is. And check out that expression! He’s all, “Dude, The English Patient is MY favorite movie, too!”

    And the other blob is similarly cute. He looks more like a baby. A half-Navajo baby, to be precise. Weird, huh?

  7. Trish

    Yeah – BABY PICS! They are adorable. I see Michael in Miles already – especially the pose (he’s bored with everything).

    I love Gavin’s cheeks! Looks like he can hide a bunch of stuff in them!

    Thanks for getting them up and congrats grammy!!

    Luv ya –

  8. Thats me holding miles. 🙂

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