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Laura’s prom!

I know it’s been a while since I posted, and I still have to write about my awesome time in NYC with Susie, but I can kill two birds with one stone by blogging here….and getting the pics up at facebook. Laura was pretty excited, and a little nervous when I dropped her off about half an hour ago. She looked very pretty though!

I had this picture in my head when I started making this dress…the hem is 148 inches around!

You can’t see the black Chucks in this picture, I guarantee she won’t have sore feet at the end of the evening!

They have a masquerade theme this year, you can’t see it too well, but she put fake eyelashes on her mask(which matches her dress!).


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Bowling Haiku

I stink at bowling

and I always get gutters

I wish I got strikes

~Laura Blinn~


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Invisibility in Mamas

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Why I love homeschooling my kids.


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Today I took the girls and Aaron(family friend) to the RMSC to see the exhibit about money. Laura didn’t think she was going to like it, but was pleasantly surprised. I’m hoping to see it one more time before it moves on, maybe on a day when it isn’t so full of school kids.
Before we got to the new exhibit, we looked up some old favorites. 2A and Molly were trying to use the hot air to get the ball through the loops.
This is a giant bubble. You pull up the rod and it has the soap solution on it. Lots of fun!
The kids bank.
Learning about the barter system.
Using weighted cubes to balance a budget. I thought this was a great idea, Laura really learned from this. I think our next trip to the RMSC will be to the planetarium, as we haven’t been yet.


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Maggie Moo’s


We had the tastiest field trip today, at Maggie Moo’s. The owner and an employee took us around the front where they make up the goodies,and the owner showed us around the back where they actually make the ice cream. He was making up dark chocolate and orange ice cream, which we got to taste!


In the picture above, Mark is showing us how they make milkshakes….chocolate, yummy.


Here is where the waffle cones are made, and a little secret? They put cinnamon in the mix, to make it smell nice in the mall!


The girls, tasting the waffle cones.


Here, Steve the owner is mixing up my “Mooberry” ice cream with chocolate shavings. The board they do this on is kept at 0 degrees.

We all got a nice little bowl of ice cream, our choice, and the kids got a little certificate. Now, when can I go back and buy a pint of that dark chocolate and orange ice cream?


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Done with Beta


So rather than wait till tomorrow, Molly finished up her Math today too! She now moves on from Beta to Gamma….of course now she can’t do any math till I buy the next set, I wasn’t expecting her to finish already.


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On to Zeta!


Laura finished up Epsilon …Math U See names the levels for the Greek alphabet, and Laura is starting Zeta tomorrow…the last book before pre-algebra! She did THREE lessons today just so she could finish it today. Tomorrow will be exciting too…watch for news about Molly.


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A sad time for Little House fans

It was bad enough when Harper Collins announced they would be removing the art work of Garth Williams in favor of snapshots in  the books, but now they are going to abridge the pre-Little House books by Melissa Wiley. and tell the story. I’m sorry that Melissa won’t be writing any more books in this series, but I hope she at least continues writing.

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