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My sewing room!

I still have the bug that’s going around, and didn’t sleep well last night. I figured I might as well be productive, and got the curtains made for my sewing room. Here are some shots of the room:

You can see it still needs a lot of work, and some shelves over the scrapbooking/jewelry making area, and over the ironing board. The closet needs some shelves as well. But it’s functional, and that’s what really matters.

Aren’t the curtains cute? I got that fabric in Indianapolis, at Hancock’s. All we have here really is Joann’s, and they don’t carry a lot of nice fabric anymore.



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It’s been forever

I know it’s beenĀ  ages since I’ve posted, just a lot going on. Between funerals, weddings, and family stuff, I spent a lot of time out of town. I hope to get back to more scheduled blogging now.

In the meantime, I have been knitting and sewing up a storm. I finally have my sewing room up in my attic, and will take a picture soon. I love the space, and during the day I don’t even need to turn on a light thanks to the sky light up there. The room is just the right size, big enough yet cozy, and the closet will be my yarn and fabric space(just need some more shelves put in).

We are all just getting over some bug that hit the house a few days ago. Molly was hit the worst, and spent some time at the ER getting some IV fluids.

It’s snowing, again. I really am ready to not have winter anymore…anyone else with me on that?


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Fun new acquisitions

I’ve been kind of out of things the last couple of weeks(muscle relaxers do make me loopy), but I got some fun things in the mail and I finally feel up to posting about them.


These are hand dyed yarns from Frog Hair Fibers, an Etsy shop.

I found some vintage patterns at Out of the Ashes:

This first pattern is one I have been trying to find for 20 years. I got a beautiful piece of Liberty of London cotton lawn when I visited my sister in law in Chicago, and knew exactly what I wanted the blouse to look like. This pattern is from the early 60’s.

This one is a dress pattern from the late 90’s. I just like it.

PUFFALUMP PATTERN!!! I was way excited to find this, and when I went back a few days later, I found a couple other ones(I think a cow and um some other animal).

And is it Vista, or Photobucket(I just signed up there)? It is taking FORFREAKINEVER to get these pictures edited and up. ::headdesk, lather, rinse, repeat::

I just gave up and put them in unedited from my computer. There HAS to be a decent picture storage out there somewhere.


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My Socktopia gift came!

I got a skein of Tofutsies Yarn which isĀ  Superwash Wool, Soysilk Fibers, Cotton, and Chitin(shrimp and crab shells) this yarn feels sooo soft!,a sock bag(so I can take my projects with me in style, rather than ziplock), stitch markers, a wee bar of handmade soap, and two pieces of dark chocolate with orange(which I KNOW I must hide in this house full of females!).
Squee-ing with delight here!


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I won something!

I’m in the Socktopia community on Ravelry, and entered these socks for the month of July. I got chosen as the random winner(the socks that got the most votes are wayyyyy awesome). I’m even getting a prize, though I don’t know what yet.


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Time to learn something new

I just got a drop spindle and some roving in the mail today, and can’t wait to try it out. I love fiber, and the idea that I could make something go from roving to yarn is exciting to me. Of course, I still have to learn how, but that’s what youtube is for, right?


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Cubbies yarn!!

It’s purtier than I imagined it would be! I can’t wait to start knitting with this yarn…it’s my favorite yarn dyer, and it’s beautifully dyed.


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