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B Co.

I got this video second hand from 2A, Rob sent it to him. I think it was made by someone in Rob’s Company last year. Rob, if you see this and have any details for me, I would love for you to leave a comment.


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For those who thought I’d never make soap again

Well, ok, I’m making shampoo bars. Cath brought home these LUSH-ious shampoo bars at Spring Break, and I am hooked! I love how they clean my hair with no frizz, and I don’t need conditioner afterwards. I’m doing these hot-process, but maybe if I feel inspired, I will make some bath soap this week, cold-process.


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Cutest. Grandkids. Ever.


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I’m going to upload a couple of pictures for now, with more to come later with a bit more about the visit.

Robbie and 2A are….IN the zoo?

Laura, Laura(Rob’s new girlfriend!), and Molly


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More grandbaby pics

I sometimes have trouble uploading the pictures that come to me from Emily’s phone. Here are a couple of Gavin I was finally able to get into my computer!

And Em, you KNEW I would post this one! Gary Sinise and the LT. Dan band played for troop families at Ft. Campbell recently, and as he was walking/singing through the crowd, he stopped to talk to Gavin!!! The quality isn’t the best, this is a picture of a picture!


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New grandbaby!!

Welcome to the family, Amy Louise!!!!!!!


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Lotsa socks

I was finally able to get some better pictures taken/uploaded of the socks I’ve been making. Here are a few:
ankle socks

Cath\'s Fawkes sock

flamingo stripe


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