I’m going to upload a couple of pictures for now, with more to come later with a bit more about the visit.

Robbie and 2A are….IN the zoo?

Laura, Laura(Rob’s new girlfriend!), and Molly



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6 responses to “Robbie

  1. 2A

    That first one is awesome! What is he doing?!?! He looks like a guy in the Colosseum, trying to defend against 2 tigers.

  2. C.

    Rob is very Manful, you can tell.

    Oh pooh. I wish my dopey big brother were in Philadelphia. At this rate all I’ll see of him will be the dust in his wake, in which I will be panting and wheezing and failing to pedal any faster.

    Still. Hello Rob.

  3. rob

    actually, that picture was taken from within the couger enclosure. and that top one was a whole lot of fun…you can see the sti–err, sword–breaking in mid-air. hello cath.

  4. What a lovely crew! Looks like everyone has been having fun and that is what matters the most, eh? I love that first photo…looks like Laura and Molly thoroughly enjoy their brother’s company!

  5. Well at least they’re back in their cage.

  6. What?! Enjoy Robs company?! No way!!!!

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