Sifting and Sorting

I was blessed with a BIG box of very old patterns a couple of years ago, by a dear friend whose mother was a seamstress. Tonight Molly and I got down to the business of trying to sort and put together the patterns. Some are so old they don’t have any print on them, and these will be harder to find a place for. I now have two pattern boxes full of old patterns, one box of tattered and ripped patterns that I will place in plastic bags, and attempt scanning the directions. They were stored in an attic, so were kept dry, but some are from the late 20’s-early 30’s, and the paper is just OLD. Several are from the 40’s, with a patriotic bent to them, many from the 50’s, and a few for children mixed into all decades. I also put in the first patterns I made, when I was 12, then when I took sewing in 8th grade.

I also started a dress for Molly with the pattern I made my first dress from, with some vintage fabric I had. It’s a nice pique, orange and lime green! It’s a nice fabric, I wish we could still get it with that quality.

I ordered a pattern tonight for Molly, who has requested a vintage dress that she can spin in:

And a dress for Laura to wear to her Homeschool Prom in the spring:

Looking forward to working on these!



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10 responses to “Sifting and Sorting

  1. …Of course, that BIG box of patterns would be a lot bigger, except that I raided it already, and have sewn up several of the B36’s. And I know at least one of them has made it to Philadelphia (those dresses that Cath made… that was a Rosie pattern too).

    I love that dress for Molly. I think I’ve seen that pattern before… it’s such an early-Sixties classic. If I were you, I’d totally make it out of some Alexander Henry.

  2. Those are both going to look gorgeous on both girls! What kind of fabric will Laura’s be made out of?

  3. Cindy

    Joni…I will be looking for fabric for Molly’s dress when we visit you!

    Laura…they actually have some nice brushed satin(not too shiny) with coordinating organza(for the overlay at Joann’s. We only looked briefly last night, but she saw an aqua blue she likes(I’m still hoping for light blue with a royal blue sash). We will go spend more time with the fabric when the pattern arrives.

  4. Heidi

    Sooo — Most importantly, did you get the zipper last night and FINISH MOLLY’S PIQUE DRESS???? She needs to wear it, you know. Oh, yes she does.

  5. Cindy

    LOL, Heidi, I got the zipper in(best one I have EVER done), all that’s left to do is the neck facing and the hem, both of which I will do tonight.

  6. Molly

    I’m excited for meh twirleh dress. just in case anyone was wondering.

  7. Cath

    I sure hope that if you find any patterns, from any era, that are a B34, you will notify the Authorities.

    That means me. I am the Authorities.

  8. You know, if Laura is really insistent on aqua blue, a chocolate brown sash would look really win with that.

  9. mom

    Laura says Yes. Please.

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