The colors they are a changin’

We started out on our annual trip through the Finger Lakes yesterday with the plan of driving around Lake Conesus. On a whim, we decided to head for Letchworth State Park. We had a wonderful afternoon, and there are a lot of pictures to prove it!

The girls learned so much, it was like having school in the great outdoors. We had PE, Science, History, Geography. All in one place.



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5 responses to “The colors they are a changin’

  1. HRHMollyQOD

    Of course, every time I go and have fun, SOMEONE has to include schoolwork.

  2. Keelhaulin' Kit

    The geology of upstate NY tugs at me like a magnet. It’s so weird, the affection I have for that place. All those glacial formations. Hooboy.

  3. fatty mcslowslow

    I’m a terrible father for having never taken you to Letchworth, Keelhaulin’.

    You should go sometime.

    And bring your easel.

  4. Keelhaulin' Kit

    Actually, Pa, I have been there–I remember standing on that stone bridge and everything. I went with Young Women. If I recall correctly, everyone else was walking at a snail’s pace and they wouldn’t let me go in front of the group, so trust me, I got a GOOD long look at everything.

    But it’ll be ten times better going with you guys; you could lecture us about eskers, and the little girls could taunt me with how much energy and imagination they have, and Ma could smile benignly on us all and be the voice of reason.

  5. Tricia

    I have to say…I really miss those colors a-changing. It is my favorite time of year. It’s the white/ gray color that comes after that I am glad to not have.

    Jump and play in some leaves for me!!


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