o hai

This is for the Blinns who remember the cooked kitteh episode.



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7 responses to “o hai

  1. something that seems to have happened already. 😉

  2. Fatty McSlowSlow

    Dey mokz me.

  3. eranofarcadia

    As it turned out, he can not haz’d cheezburger.

  4. Laura

    I took a look at your blog and yes, I do remember the broiled kitty episode, although I have never tried that recipe myself. And it looks like you are into knitting, etc. You were more involved in sewing when I lived in NY. Do you remember that I learned how to spin from a class at the RMSC? But I sold my spinning wheel, knitting machine, and drum carder when I left CA because I had been doing other things. However, I recently knitted a lace shawl, which surprised and pleased me, and somehow the prospect of becoming a grandmother has given me an odd desire to knit and crochet little baby clothes, not even necessarily for my own grandchild. I’ve been going through my odd stash of acrylic yarn (which is good for babies because it is washable and nearly indestructible) and making hats and booties. I’m nearly up to a dozen, so I have started researching local programs for poor or unwed mothers and I think I will just drop them off somewhere. Anyway, have fun.

  5. jdhoosier

    OMGOMGOMG i luvz da kitteh!!!!1!

    Medium rare. With a Zinfandel, Pinot Noir, or even a robust white. And garlic butter. Lots of garlic butter.

  6. HRHMollyQOD

    Ydyadttm? Tatidu? Imns.

  7. OMG! That’s too funny! I like mine as an open-faced sandwich. It’s yummy!

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