my new chair

I was at Salvation Army last week for my usual run through, when I found this:

A Lazy Boy recliner made in ’98, that looks like it had never even been sat in, for $40!! I just looked up new ones online, and they cost $435 new. Yeah, I’m feeling pretty smug. To me, it’s an even better deal than the $40 tv I got a couple of months ago.



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5 responses to “my new chair

  1. Keelhaulin' Kit

    Ooooh, sweet chair. I can’t wait to sit on it.

  2. Keelhaulin' Kit

    Although you should get it reupholstered

  3. eranofarcadia

    I don’t think you have noticed, but I have a new blog. I will be updating it to let people know at least a little of what is going on in my life.

  4. eranofarcadia

    I was hoping there would be a link in that last comment, but I guess not so it’s

  5. This chair isn’t as cool as the other one, but, at least this chair won’t give you Sciatica, so really, how bad could it be???? Oh, by the way, I, like, commas.

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