You got saved the embarrassment of baby pictures on the blog since my scanner doesn’t work! I hope you have a Happy Birthday today!!



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5 responses to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEVIN!!!

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEVIN! Hope it’s a good one!

  2. Eran of Arcadia

    Aww, thanks guys.

    I can assure you, it wasn’t my worst.

  3. Celeste

    Oh sad. I wanted to see baby pictures. Oh well. I threatened to break up with him to make it his worst, but then thought better of it. Happy Birthday Kevin!!!

  4. Hey Celeste – funny story – my husband got dumped by like every single one of his college girlfriends right around his birthday. It happened that way for four years straight. (And I wasn’t even in town on his b’day when we were dating – I was in Gettysburg actually. We got engaged a few days later – he was waiting to see if the birthday curse was broken!)

  5. HRHMollyQoD

    Most people pay attention to Kevin in this picture, but don’t I look fab in those sun-glasses?

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