Fun new acquisitions

I’ve been kind of out of things the last couple of weeks(muscle relaxers do make me loopy), but I got some fun things in the mail and I finally feel up to posting about them.


These are hand dyed yarns from Frog Hair Fibers, an Etsy shop.

I found some vintage patterns at Out of the Ashes:

This first pattern is one I have been trying to find for 20 years. I got a beautiful piece of Liberty of London cotton lawn when I visited my sister in law in Chicago, and knew exactly what I wanted the blouse to look like. This pattern is from the early 60’s.

This one is a dress pattern from the late 90’s. I just like it.

PUFFALUMP PATTERN!!! I was way excited to find this, and when I went back a few days later, I found a couple other ones(I think a cow and um some other animal).

And is it Vista, or Photobucket(I just signed up there)? It is taking FORFREAKINEVER to get these pictures edited and up. ::headdesk, lather, rinse, repeat::

I just gave up and put them in unedited from my computer. There HAS to be a decent picture storage out there somewhere.



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4 responses to “Fun new acquisitions

  1. oooohhh….pretty fibers. 🙂

  2. If you ever have to ask youself the question “Is it Vista or is it XXX?” the answer is, It’s Vista. It’s ALWAYS Vista.

  3. HRHMollyQoD

    Maybe the puffalump won’t lose it’s head like mine did, and not in the sense it went beserk.

  4. I can’t wait to see the finished blouse! Be sure and send a picture of it to Dress a Day. I’m pretty sure that Liberty prints + vintage pattern = happy Erin 😉

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