Arrgh ye mateys!

So today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

No, not these Pirates….


Make sure your first stop is here to get your official name for the day.



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8 responses to “Arrgh ye mateys!

  1. Errran of Arrrcadia

    And don’t be forgetting, next Tuesday is Mute Pirate Day – at least in me mind.

  2. Rotting Bella Sparrow

    Yarrrrrrrrrg, ye scoundrels, I took the pirate name thingie, and now my Bella-Sparrow is as rotting as ever….. er, Arrrrrrrrrrrrg

  3. Ambiguous Dora Bellmy

    Why does Molly get a good name? Ambiguous? Arrrrrrrrrrrrg! That be unfair. Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day, ye filthy wretches!

  4. yarrrg….at least none of you scallywags are “pantin”! argg

  5. Keelhaulin' Kit

    Yeah, I couldn’t be prouder that I convinced my workplace to actually sponser a party–open to the public–that allowed me to go around with a plastic sword stuck in my belt loop. I wonder if there’s a dinosaur holiday coming up…?

  6. Walt the Back-Stabber

    That’s not even a pirate name! It sounds like some busybody in Personnel, the sort Herbert Kornfeld would have dealt with in his day. Shiver me timbers, I wuz robbed!

  7. Numbaz McCrunchCrunch

    Yo, yo, Walt da Back-Stabbah…September da 20 be Internationo Talk Like a Gangstah Day here in Accounts Receeeevaboh.

  8. Don’t worry, Dolores, ye’ll be pantin’ in fine mettle in a few months’ time. I’ll bet ye a doubloon on it.

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