Good news/Bad news

Bad news is our computer(that 2A so nicely let us use when our last computer died), has died. All favorites, some pictures, etc. are gone.

Good news, we went out today and bought a new computer(big enough to handle Sims2!!). So now I have to try to replace a bunch of faves etc.



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5 responses to “Good news/Bad news

  1. it was probably written down on your last computer so I’d better remind you – your favorite child is me.


  3. isnjer dfnnedi

    It showed no mercy on you, so give it none back, and besides it didn’t deserve you……WE COULDN’T EVEN PLAY SIMS ON IT!!!!!*wipes tear*

  4. Laura of the 13's

    I love computers
    They are uber wonderful
    ’cause you can read blogs

    Fast but not furious. A good way to explain the new computer.

  5. 2A

    Now Jeff can no longer ask if I want to take my computer, or TV back home.

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