My Socktopia gift came!

I got a skein of Tofutsies Yarn which is  Superwash Wool, Soysilk Fibers, Cotton, and Chitin(shrimp and crab shells) this yarn feels sooo soft!,a sock bag(so I can take my projects with me in style, rather than ziplock), stitch markers, a wee bar of handmade soap, and two pieces of dark chocolate with orange(which I KNOW I must hide in this house full of females!).
Squee-ing with delight here!



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4 responses to “My Socktopia gift came!

  1. Emily

    Nice gift mom! Enjoy that chocolate!

  2. oh, that’s a knitting bag. I thought it was lederhosen (don’t the straps look like little suspenders the way they are laid out? OR AM I CRAZY?!?!)

  3. Hrhmollyqod

    Don’t worry about hiding the stuff from ME, I’m not in the mood for dark soap with toe-nail-clippings.

  4. Hahaha….I thought the same thing as Joni…no kidding!

    What a cool haul! Hey, someone else on the planet makes homemade soap? Very interesting. Does that soap contain any lanolin? (don’t all knitters know that lanolin is sooooo soothing?)

    So fun to win something. And all the goodies look great!

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