Janice Holt Giles

I’ve been struck by the reading bug this summer. Specifically, I want to read(and buy) all of Janice Holt Giles’ works. I first read Hannah Fowler when I was 13, and it has become a tradition for all of my daughters to read, and own this book. Hannah Fowler was really only supposed to be a “bridge” book for Mrs. Giles. She had a book in mind, The Believers, and needed a sort of prequel to it. Hannah became, for readers, her most loved book.  One summer, when Joni was still living at home, we got all of the JHG books we could find out of the library to read. I would like to do that again, and have been looking online for original copies of the books. The University of Kentucky has reissued her books in paper back, but I want to find the old copies of the books. If I was ever to be told I had to give up all but one of my favorite novels, I would keep Hannah.



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5 responses to “Janice Holt Giles

  1. C.

    I would never give up Hannah Fowler. Never never never never. It’s a thing of magic for me.

    I have to say, Mum, that I appreciate nothing you’ve done for me more than that summer before second grade, when you bribed me at $.25 a chapter to read. I’ve loved it ever since. It went from a chore to the greatest and first pleasure in my life, and it’s very much shaped who I am now.

  2. Miss Cindy!!! I had lost the link for your blog. So, being so talented, I (finally) Googled it and here I be! Never heard of the Hannah books…(gasp???)

    I enjoyed reading about your traveling, (oh wait…you promised to post about that…hehehehe) knitting, reading, and CANNING! Good GRIEF. Where DO you get the energy? My mouth was watering looking at all of those delicious fruits in glass!!!!!

    I miss hearing from you…..seems like forever ago that we went to the now deceased Don Pablos, then……hmm….what was the name of the place in Greece? oh wait….was it Chili’s?

    I think I have properly bookmarked you once again. Blog away, dear friend!!!!!

  3. Laura M

    Well I must say I cannot beleive I have never heard of the book of the author…but I now plan to go get it. You know me, I do all the reading I can. I am almost done reading the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer….SO GOOD! I have done a great amount of reading this summer and am excited to do more on the plane to SAVANNAH TOMORROW!!!!

  4. Funny, I don’t remember the Giant Orange Arrow of Doom that came out of the calm Kentucky sky and poked Hannah in the head. Hmm, I really need to re-read my copy.

    But yes, I remember that summer well. It was 1994, I was 14 and about to start Kearney. We had to use the interlibrary loan system to get all the books – which I’d never done before – I felt so grown up. (Of course this was back in the ancient days of card catalogs!) My favorite was the post-wwII-trilogy and also “40 Acres And No Mule,” which was nonfiction if I recall correctly.

    Good times.

    P.S. Hey Laura – TEAM EDWARD!

  5. molly

    MAYBE someday I will read this part of the family that you never even explain
    (hint hint). when I’M 13 that book will be so old and you (mom) will be hogging them all.*sigh*, what a life.

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