Cubbies yarn!!

It’s purtier than I imagined it would be! I can’t wait to start knitting with this yarn…it’s my favorite yarn dyer, and it’s beautifully dyed.



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6 responses to “Cubbies yarn!!

  1. Laura M

    And I personally cannot wait to see the finished product!!!

  2. C.

    I hope it’s also prettier than this picture. First thing I do when I’m fabulously wealthy is going to be to buy you a new camera. And some yarn.

    (speaking of which, I got some wicked awesome blisters yesterday and now I am wearing one green-and-blue striped wool sock and one red-and-ash colored sock. They fit so well they don’t irritate my lymph-drenched toes. Huh.)

  3. ma

    I think the picture would have turned out better but it was kind of dark in the house, and when I tried to lighten it up a bit, I went too light, but fuzzy.

  4. ma

    I am so glad to hear you have some socks to make your tootsies feel better : )

  5. 2A

    Booooooooooooooooooooooo @ the Cubs. Go Cards!

  6. mandy

    um, yeah, i’m going to have to ahead and ask you where you got that yarn.


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