Canning season is upon us

In between all of the traveling(which I promise I will blog about), I have been trying to get some canning done. I got 8 pints of strawberry jam(with the help of Ian). Today I got up bright and early and went to the public market on the LAST available day for cherries. I came home and got out my handy dandy Kirschentkerner, but this time I had no helpers. Next year Laura and Molly will be home to help, but I sure missed having all of the “big” kids take a turn at it. I was able to get everything set up for canning, while they kerned kirschens. It looks like I will be getting 10 or 11 pints out of the peck, somewhat more than I thought I would. Monday, I will be out picking black raspberries for more jam. In August, there will be more raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, tomatoes, beans, then the tree fruits. I’m hoping for at least some peaches and applesauce, maybe some apricots as well. I’ve missed canning season.

ETA: pickles….can’t forget to do pickles.



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3 responses to “Canning season is upon us

  1. Laura M


  2. C.

    In august, your middle daughter will be home. She, unfortunately, has A Condition that requires she spend all her time picking fruit, surreptitiously eating that fruit, canning it, and reading out loud to family members. She’ll probably have to go to thrift stores and draw a lot of pictures to relax from this stressful and taxing lifestyle.

    I know it sounds terrible, and it is. But you’ll just have to put up with it.

    Also, I just recently wrote a story about Valancy and Barney and pickle season. So it’s cool you just wrote about that.

  3. wait up… the Amish store has a website?!?!

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