Green Green, Yello?

Caller: Is Robert there?
Me: May I ask who is calling?

Caller: Is Robert Blinn there? I have an important message for him. Is this his wife?

Me: No, I’m his mother. He’s in Baghdad right now.

Caller: Oh, well I will call back later.
Me:(as Caller is hanging up) well he won’t be here today, um, hello?



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7 responses to “Green Green, Yello?

  1. Laura M

    So, do you suppose they will call tomorrow to see if he suddenly reappeared from Baghdad? You can give them my number, I will say yes! LOL!!

  2. laura chris

    Tomorrow. Will he be there tomorrow?

  3. C.

    Also, when is the fiend coming back?

  4. Eran of Arcadia

    Welcome to my world – I get dozens of those calls every day at work. My response is often “that individual is no longer at this number”, which makes the whole “I will call back later” even funnier.

  5. molly

    i wish he would get here by tomorrow.
    if that was me answering, i would say: im sorry, but he ran away after the 50,000th call from you.

  6. 2A

    You should of claimed to be his wife, Laura (polar bear Laura) would of loved that!

  7. molly

    ohhhhhhhhhh, robbie is a player!!

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