Happy Birthday Mike!!

Tonight, at 10:04 pm, I will have been a mom for 30 years!! Thank you Mike for all the good times, and the learning. You had to be the guinea pig for all that learning I had to do. Time seems to have flown by.

Joni and her “dorky” big brother.

Mike and the pilot. He was amazed at how much Mike knew about fighter jets and helicopters.

Mike, you have become a good man, husband, and daddy. I love Mandy, and I am sooo happy you took her to the prom!! Little smiley Miles is way too cute for words, and I know you will have a lot of fun with him.

Mandy, I swiped this off your Gallery, I don’t have any pics of Mike on my dad’s computer.



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10 responses to “Happy Birthday Mike!!

  1. mandy

    wow…does that baby look familiar!

  2. C.

    Hay, Mom, you’re such a betty. I wouldn’t have been heartbroken if I’d turned out to look like you. I’m gonna want to scan that picture sometime when I’m home.

  3. Fatty McSlowslow

    Mandy: WHICH baby looks familiar?

    C: How did a turkey like me end up with a hottie like that? Gives hope to geeks everywhere.

    Mike: Happy birthday and I hope the first day at the law firm has gone well.

  4. Emily

    Happy birthday again Mike!

  5. crud, mom, you were YOUNG.

    I don’t remember that dress, did you sew it?

    Happy birthday Mike! Are you all serious and mature now that you’re 30? Do you now choose your breakfast cereal based on its fiber content instead of what color it will turn the milk?

  6. Happy belated to your son!!!

  7. molly

    Wow, Mike I didn’t know you used to be a dorky little boy!!!!

    ( Even though you still are dorky looking….. )

  8. molly

    I think that Miles is the cutest little boy from all the pics. And why does it look like there’s a picture of mom holding Miles in black-and-white?

  9. laura chris

    Happy B-Day, Oh my dork of a big brother.

  10. Katiekins

    That picture of you and Mike as a baby is sooo cute. You look so pretty and young!

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