I got my 3ID newsletter today in my email. Here is an exerpt from it:

For the crewmembers, SPC Stoneburner and SPC Blinn are fully trained crewchiefs and have been unleashed to enjoy their time flying.

Rob, I am so proud of who you are AND what you do!!!!! GO BLACKHEARTS!!!



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8 responses to “RL1

  1. Fatty McSlowSlow


  2. C.


    Ominous, but I can’t help thinking it’s appropriate.


  3. Rob

    you know, the funny thing is…Stoney came to us a couple months after i did…as they werent flying me, i kept saying he’d get rl-1 at least at the same time as me. huh.but in any case. air assault, blackhearts, and Dirty Bird 2, out.

  4. Emily

    Congrats Rob!

  5. okay, tell me what rob ACTUALLY does now? I’m sure he’s told me before but I of course forgot. (All I know is it’s better than not fixing helicopters/shooting pigeons.)

  6. Fatty McSlowSlow

    He’s crew chief on a UH-60 Blackhawk. Rob can tell you the details, but as I understand it, he’s assigned to a particular helicopter, is responsible for its mechanical well-being, is part of the flight crew (my understanding: crew chief stays with one aircraft, pilot/copilot are assigned to different aircraft as needed), and operates one of the window mounted machine guns if the need arises. Rob, correct me on the bits I got wrong.

  7. 525 Crew Dog

    Well, dad pretty much got it there…though i am assigned to one bird (525, as you may have guessed), I get thrown around to whatever bird is scheduled to fly when I am. I actually have reletively few ours in my own bird, and haven’t been in it in a while. Aside from operating one of the M-240H’s i also herd the pax (shorthand for passengers) on and off my bird. This can be quite difficult and trying at times, as many of them are slightly less intelligent then, say, a baby carrot, or perhaps the pigeons that inhabit the hangar. SEAT BELTS ARE NOT THAT FRIGGIN HARD TO PUT ON! NO! DONT TIE IT IN A KNOT!!! (insert bad words of choosing here). and WHY ON EARTH ARE YOU WALKING IN A PATH NOT DIRECTED BY ME?!?!? WALKING TO THE NOSE IS A GREAT WAY TO LOSE YOUR HEAD, DUMMY! Some people…

  8. molly

    Rob, I’m saying “congrats” because I have to, and if I didn’t, who knows what mom would say……

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