Cutest. Grandkids. Ever.



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9 responses to “Cutest. Grandkids. Ever.

  1. Cutest. Nephews and Nieces.Ever.

    It’s funny, how Miles is ALWAYS making that face in every picture. And why does Gavin look so darn sad?Well at least Porter looks happy.

  2. Brenda

    They are pretty darn cute. Congrats on the newest!

  3. C.

    I…am really sad that I didn’t see this in person. Booo.

  4. Eran of Arcadia

    Heck, I’ve only met 2 of the people in that picture.

  5. Laura

    absolutley positivley 100% a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.

  6. C.

    Well Kev, here’s a guide to identifying them: Gavin is the one looking quizzically at the camera, wondering if he can take it apart and reassemble it in under thirty seconds; Betsy is the one holding a doll; the sample-size one swaddled in wrapping paper is Pie; Porter is the one looking disgruntled that he got named ‘Porter’; and Miles is the one looking very nervous that his dad might jump out from behind something and ridicule him.

  7. Katiekins

    LOL Catherine. I love you.

    Those are some darn cute kids.

  8. I love Miles’ LONG, AND BEAUTIFUL HAIR.

  9. mandy

    i’d have to say they are pretty cute kids, too. especially the one on the right.

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