More grandbaby pics

I sometimes have trouble uploading the pictures that come to me from Emily’s phone. Here are a couple of Gavin I was finally able to get into my computer!

And Em, you KNEW I would post this one! Gary Sinise and the LT. Dan band played for troop families at Ft. Campbell recently, and as he was walking/singing through the crowd, he stopped to talk to Gavin!!! The quality isn’t the best, this is a picture of a picture!



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4 responses to “More grandbaby pics

  1. Get your kid away from Mattingly, Em. He was exposed to the measles.

  2. Emily

    Yes..he certainly has grandaddy’s ears…they are really cute on him though. No..I wont get him away…he was very sweet to Gavin, Mike!

  3. I absolutely cannot BELIEVE that is little itty bitty Gavin that I saw just a few months ago! What a little doll and LOOK how much he has grown!!!

    Cindy, when I was at BonTon one day, I found the cutest little hooded fleece OshKosh jacket. It is currently awaiting Miss Em and Gavin to return so I can give it to them personally! (it is a size 2…but, I just could not resist!)

  4. C.S.I. ………. Hmmmmmm

    I don’t trust him.

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