A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Today started out way too early, when Jeff needed help getting a bat out of the kitchen. I drove him to work and we could see the moon in the very dark sky, and wow was it pretty!Nice to know it’s going to be sunny for at least a little while.

We have cleaning and choir practice up for the day, and hopefully, fingers crossed, a trip to the airport. Tomorrow the new fridge arrives!

I’m also going to try to add in a better picture of the Fawkes sock today, since it is so much brighter in the house.Thinking about knitting, I wonder if I am the only person who buys sock yarn and lets it sit for a bit while I wait for it to tell me what pattern it wants to be made in. I have some beautiful Jitterbug that has the name of Lagoon, that wants to be a wavy sort of sock. Not plain, and not a Jaywalker. I think the Fawkes turned out nicely, it has a sort of flame pattern, and a red, orange, and ashy colorway.



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2 responses to “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

  1. wait, a BAT in the kitchen?!?!

  2. Fatty McSlowSlow

    Yes. He was hanging there, thinking “I need VUN more veek uff hibernation to survife the vinter. I need TWO more veeks uff hibernation to survife the vinter…”

    We think (s)he had managed to get into the back attic to hibernate and was awakened when Cindy and the little girls were putting some stuff away on Thursday. Thursday night I heard the cats going bananas in the third floor bedroom, and some wierd rapid clicking noises. Then when I was eating breakfast in the kitchen at 5:30 AM, I looked up and there was this brown lump hanging from the ceiling. So I put a saucepan over him, then belatedly realized that if I pulled the saucepan back far enough to slip the lid into place, the bat could get out. So I called Cindy down to give me a piece of cardboard to slip between the pan and the ceiling, so he stayed trapped. Then I took the pan outside and released him, and off he flew. Of course, he’s probably dead by now since it’s way too early in the year to come out of hibernation and survive. Tough old world…

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