Top o’ the mornin’ to ye!

I couldn’t find a decent Dropkick or Flogging Molly Youtube to put here, but here is my FAVORITE local band, the Dady Brothers:



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2 responses to “Top o’ the mornin’ to ye!

  1. Holy three posts in one day, Batman!

    Go check out the St. Patrick’s Day-related YouTube content on MY blog, but make sure you pee first.

  2. Cindy!!! thank you for sharing that! Carly loves, loves, loves the Dady Bros!
    BTW…when is Miss Em coming to town? Did you notice Don Pablo’s closed within DAYS of our going there? Remember…that Bahama Breeze (?) place also closed shortly after our visit. hehehehe!!!! (the soaping buddies) I was sad about missing the last lunch, but had made a promise previously to the kids. Drats. I couldn’t even TALK about it I was so MAD! AND had to drive in hideous….yes HIDEOUS conditions!!!!
    I have some “stuff” of the knitting variety for you. We need to get together. (I will be in Rochacha tomorrow to take my MIL to the Dr…..)

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