Miles smiles!

I just got these pictures of my grandson Miles….he looks JUST like his daddy did at that age!






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5 responses to “Miles smiles!

  1. C.

    I see some Mike, but a lot more Mandy than I saw before.

    That’s right, Miles, Open your maw just a little wider, I’ll bet you could fit that whole tiger in your mouth.

  2. Emily

    Man…he does look like Mike. I’m waiting for you to put up the monkey boy picture I sent you…hahahaha..

  3. I think he looks more like Mandy in the profile pic. But he definitely has Mike’s mouth, heaven help us all.

    Give him a bowl haircut, once he has a little more hair, and dress him up in lumberjack shirts. Just for fun.

  4. He’s sooooo cute! Even if he is an alien baby!

  5. Oh Cindy….he is a doll baby!

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