You thought you were having a bad day?



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3 responses to “You thought you were having a bad day?

  1. Amy

    Hi! I think it was you that left a comment on my blog about the diapers, it didn’t link back, but I don’t know too many “Magnolia Lane Mamas” LOL! Anyway, some of the ones in my pictures have been sold (I need to edit that!) but I do have 5 or 6 medium sized light blue HuggaBuns (more info here for 7.50 each (come with their inserts) and I think 6 or so periwinkle colored (it’s boyish – not too purple) Fuzzibunz ( in medium without their inserts for the same price each. The huggabums are in excellent condition – the fuzzibunz are in very good condition (slight stain on one, fleece on the others is not bright anymore, which may improve with sunning, which we don’t have right now, LOL). Feel free to contact me if you are interested, my email should come to you with this comment. 🙂 If you want everything I can definitely work out a deal with you. Anything to save me trips to the post office! 🙂

  2. Wait, what are you buying diapers for? I thought everyone in the house was potty trained by now.

    Laura, you got something you’re not telling us?!?!

  3. mom

    LOL. No, but Gavin is outgrowing his, and I know someone getting rid of some…but she didn’t have my email addy at the time!

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