Winter Wonderland

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“Around the Great Lakes, the heaviest snow, along with blowing and drifting, currently blankets southeast Michigan and much of Ohio.

The heaviest snowfall is expected to extend in an arc from northern Maine to western New York; a foot or more of additional snow is expected to pile up.”

It is really coming down out there, so I am so blessed to be in a nice warm house, and all the makings for the fudge to send to Robbie.



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7 responses to “Winter Wonderland

  1. Emily


    No snow here!

    Dang…I’ll be there to witness that lovely snow in 9 days. Crap.

  2. Trish

    I’ll join in with Emily…HAHAHAHA….O but I won’t be there for your cookies…sniff-sniff.

    Instead I have Rochesterians coming to FL for X-mas (that is if they can get out of that airport). Stay warm!!


  3. C.

    I bet Rob’s warm.

  4. mom

    Actually Miss C, he’s cold. I’m sending him longjohns for Christmas. He says its in the 30’s at night and 60’s daytime.

  5. It snowed and snowed and snowed and snowed this weekend. But then something interesting happened… it STOPPED snowing, and the sun came out.

    So there.

  6. NEVER trust those weather reports. Instead, I have a VERY scientific way of predicting weather that works every time. And, is as accurate as the weatherman’s.

    Oh yeah, here is how it works: take a quarter from your purse. Decide “heads” and “tails”. There you have it. And to think of all the $$$ you COULD be raking in!!!

  7. Eran of Arcadia

    I empathize . . . the heat’s been off at work, and I almost had to wear a long sleeved shirt.

    (Remember the winters of 2002-03 and 2003-04? When Rochester was getting the coldest winters since, like, the Ice Age, and I was in SoCal? Wasn’t that AWESOME?)

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