B Co.

Rob just called!!!!!!! I only got to talk with him for about 3 minutes, but he sounds really good. Happy to be where he is, sounds like the new job is going well.



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3 responses to “B Co.

  1. Oh Cindy….yet another on the list of things to be thankful for! A short time speaking to Robbie must have made your day! In this season of thankfulness, we need to see news like this!

    Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  2. Eran of Arcadia

    He called me too, but my cell phone battery died in the middle of the conversation. Still, things are good, and I was glad to hear from him.

  3. CINDY!!!!

    I tagged you for a little meme (7 random/weird facts about yourself). You are such an interesting and multi-faceted person, I thought you might enjoy this BUT only if you want to and have the time!

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