The Iron-ic Chefs

What to do on a Sunday night? Play with and manipulate your Halloween candy, of course! My young chefs in training did this:


We had everything from pizza to cake! The plate btw, is only about 6 inches in diameter.



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6 responses to “The Iron-ic Chefs

  1. aaron

    I always thought we arent supposed to play with our food?

  2. Me and Molly went all out. We made petit fours, cake, pizza, gumballs, subs, and Molly’s coolest creation, Strawberry Bombers. It all tasted pretty good, too.

  3. I started with my gumballs ,just by finding scraps-o-candy and rolling them together making
    neopolatin (how do you spell it?) gumballs.

  4. Eran of Arcadia


    It’s spelled Neoplatonism.

  5. Emily

    That is soo cool girls..way to go!

  6. Just for the record, no one should ever listen to what Kevin says. Ever.

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