The Laughing Boys

Are these not the cutest little boys? I can almost hear them laughing!!





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9 responses to “The Laughing Boys

  1. C.

    Gavin: Okay okay okay, here’s one: So a hundred and eighty-eight icicles walk into a bar. The bartender takes one look at ’em and he goes–

    Miles: AHhahAAHHahaaa!

    Gavin: He goes…uh…

    Miles: AHhSsaHSAFaAAAAHHAHAAHAHAHA! *wipes tear*

    Gavin: Dude, get your own dad.

  2. Emily

    Cath…you are soo funny. Gotta love ya. Oh..and now she’s seen pics!! Yay!!

    They really are the cutest babies ever!

  3. Emily

    P.S. Miles has a booger! And looks like his daddy!

  4. Made my day~such precious boys! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  5. JDHoosier

    The thing is, Miles is learning how to smile but he doesn’t quite know what it’s for yet. A lot of times he smiles when he’s upset about something. It’s wierd.

  6. You know, he’s never going to get into Harvard if he doesn’t figure out what smiling is for…

  7. mom

    No, no, no, Joni…..Notre Dame! Who needs Harvard?

  8. JDHoosier

    Actually, we’re shooting for Chicago. The Econ department is festooned with Nobel Prizes like so many bowling trophies.

  9. Emily

    at least MY son knows when to smile…he only smiles when someone is talking to him..or paying him attention!

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