Miss Tween and such

Laura attended her first “tween event” tonight at Church. First they had a Mass, then a potluck supper, then off to be in teams for a scavenger hunt. The team Captains(moms of some of the kids) drove them to certain streets to look for the items. The goal was to get food to restock the food pantry kept by Holy Cross. Although Laura’s team came back with the most bags of food(26), they didn’t “win” the hunt because they were not able to bring back exactly what was asked for.  It didn’t seem to matter(and it shouldn’t) who won the hunt, everyone felt good about helping out those in need. I was a bit nervous for Laura, as she sometimes gets really jittery about new situations. But she did fine! The girls at her table at supper were very interested in learning more about how she homeschools, and she saw a couple of girls that she remembered from her Sacred Heart school days. All in all a successful evening for her. Not so much for Molly, who was feeling quite left behind. Molly then declined a chance to take Keefer for a walk with Jeff, saying it just wouldn’t be the same without Laura. It was moot, though, as the dog made it to the next block before his shoulder gave out and I had to come fetch him with the car. I’m afraid it won’t be long.



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2 responses to “Miss Tween and such

  1. C.


    I’m never gonna see him again.


  2. Emily

    Poor Keef. I’m sad.

    I’m glad Laura had fun. Just wait til I’m there and Laura and Molly will both have fun.

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