Why I love homeschooling my kids.



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2 responses to “Why I love homeschooling my kids.

  1. Emily

    That was good! I think I’m a bee…but only after High School……before that…who knows.

  2. Wow, that is pretty profound. Yes, homeschooling is certainly making some sacrifices, but in the long run, the “making or breaking” of a person can be determined by “handling” that person in a way that is pleasing to God. When children are being herded through a system where time restraints and pressure from those in authority require all children behave in a specific manner, those children who are immature or even individual thinkers will be weeded out as the troublemakers and then will be given “badges” as not fitting in.

    One of the very strangest things that happens in the life of a person is that when we all grow up, somehow most folks end up pretty “normal”. And, how does this happen?

    Yesterday, I spoke to my mother on the telelphone, and she told me that a classmate that she disliked in school called her from Chicago and told her she would be staying in a motel near the home o my parents. She asked my mom if there was a chance she and my dad would pick her up and take her to their class reunion. My mother seemed somewhat “surprised” that this woman whom she so disliked in school actually turned out to be a “nice” person.

    As I thought about my mother’s statement, I wondered if perhaps she just didn’t like this woman when they were growing up, or, if teachers might have treated this girl in such a manner that other kids saw her in an unfavorable light…that does happen, sometimes!

    I guess the bottom line is that I feel the Lord has called our family to homeschool our kids, and I do feel it is an honor and a high calling that I will do willingly, knowing that I really do want the very best for my kids. When all is said and done, I am confident they will be “normal human beings”!

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