Em at 36(?) weeks


I don’t think she is going to still be pregnant the end of September, do you?



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3 responses to “Em at 36(?) weeks

  1. Heidi

    That girl has really let herself go since Christmas fudge eating time!!!

    End of Sept.? Not a chance. I’m saying two weeks, tops. I don’t know if I am more excited about the new little one, or about getting Anna’s things out of here when you take them to her when Em has the baby! (Just kidding; of COURSE I’m more excited about my clean house. hahaha)

    My baby girl turns SEVEN tomorrow!!! She knows what her present is, and she has been begging for it for several days now, but I said she has to wait. So she’s been bargaining for minutes earlier than 7 a.m. to be allowed to open it. I guess it will be 6:45 a.m. (ugh), but I did get her to do lots of things with this leverage.

    CALL ME, baby or no.

  2. ))))))))groan((((((((

    I was so hoping that little one was going to make an appearance on August TWENTY!!! But, since that day has come and gone, I will await the news!

  3. C.

    Holy crap, Em has three boobs!

    I swear, the more I hear about this Branum Curse the more I’m glad I take after Dad’s side.

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