Naming cars

We name our vehicles. I don’t know firsthand of many families that do, but we have since the second one we owned. Old Yeller, a 12 passenger van(which I actually still miss), followed by Millenium Falcon, Dust Buster, Flik, Big Ugly,Frau Blue  Car. We have been having quite a bit of trouble coming up with a name for the Honda Odyssey though. Jeff hit on it this week, and it is quite clever. I will post the name in a few days, can anyone guess what we named it and why? A hint: Jeff and Cath have a lot of trouble with the remote entry of the side doors. Another hint: the car is 6 years old.



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6 responses to “Naming cars

  1. oh wait… does it have to do with 2001:A Space Odyessy? I never watched that movie, what was the name of the computer thingie?

  2. aaron

    I still think it should be called “Hondizzle”, as Jeff used to say: “I’m going to gas up the Hondizzle.” He did it many times, so that is it’s name. Sorry, the name you are talking about (he already told me it) is irrelevant.

  3. rob

    ive always called it the odishy (not sure if i even spelled that right…it’s korean after all)

  4. Laura

    I never understand these things. Oh well. That’s what I get for being born later on. I’m gonna call it hal. * smiles and nods*

  5. Moo

    Hal, I like it, Mom likes it,and sadly the birds like it.2007 earth odyssey Hal.

  6. C.

    That oddity is a menace to Society.

    And don’t try to pin the crap with the doors on me, young woman. That monster has it in for me and you know it.

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