Home again, home again.

I’m  back from the latest trip. This time we were off to IN, KY, IN, home. I have a boatload of pics that I need to try to upload. Wish me luck on that. The girls and I spent the 4th at Ft. Campbell, with Em and Russell. The best place to be on that day is a military post. At 7pm, we had a parachute demo, then the 101st Army band gave a concert, then….the fireworks! They were awesome!!! I even got a few good pictures.

We went back to Indy and spent a few days with Joni and family. Of course we had to play Phase 10! I have NEVER seen Joni laugh so hard!!

Up this week: lots of sewing, knitting to finish up,letter writing to Robbie. I better make a list.


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4 responses to “Home again, home again.

  1. Welcome home! You are like a bouncing ball or pendulum, eh?

    I had such a good time when you and Laura and Emily came for a visit. It was so great to visit with no restrictions and time restraints. Best kind of visit!! Oh, and let me know which pictures you want printed out and we will get on that!
    What a tremendous 4th you must have had!!! How wonderful for the girls, and especially for Em. I am sure she enjoys spending time with you and the girls! I am so excited, counting the days until that little one makes his/her appearance!

    I have no idea what Phase 10 is?

    Hey, catch a breath, dear girl, before you start getting too aggressive!!! You need a little rest every now and then!!!!

  2. I think it was the ‘Cone of Fragrance’ that did me in.

    I sent you a link to my photos, you can use those if you want since they’re already online.

  3. Trish

    Home again, home again, jiggity jig. So glad that all is well and you made it safe home. When you get those pictures uploaded into that dinosaur – send along the ones that we took of all of us when I was visiting. Will call and chat soon, miss you all tons!! hugs and kisses to all…


  4. Moo

    It took me 2 weeks exactly,were as Mom and Laura about 1 week.

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