I’ve been AWOL

In the last month I have been to WI, IN, NC, AL, and GA. I am tired. I have about 6 long blogs to post, and I will get to them soon, I promise. Robbie left a week ago this Monday, and made it safely to Kuwait. He will be in Iraq soon, and hopefully will call home.

Another day or so of resting up and getting caught up on the house and I will be ready to download all those pics and write up some posts.


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3 responses to “I’ve been AWOL

  1. Aaron

    Bout time you update woman!

  2. Kae

    Wow, Cindy…you get around! Now that you are home, get some rest, and we look forward to hearing from you once again!

  3. Trish

    So close to me…yet so far. BUT NOT FOR LONG! Counting the days to visit with you all. Can’t wait to have more fun, will call on Sunday. Please send Robbie my love and best wishes to all! Luv, Trish

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