I’m dreaming of a White… Easter?

Yes, snow on the ground yesterday. Lot’s of it. We had a nice day in spite of it, dinner at my Ace Hem Pinner’s house, with her dh and two littlest kids(none of her big kids were home either).

Here is a picture of the girls in their finery:

Note to siblings: It was only a year ago that Laura was bashing her head on the corner of the mantle. Remember doing that?



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3 responses to “I’m dreaming of a White… Easter?

  1. Hey, nice picture on the mantle!

    The girls are cute, too.

  2. Emily

    Who said they could grow up? I would just love to know. I certainly didnt give them permission!!!!! And, yes…we all remember when Laura hit her head on the mantle….I think we all remember when we hit our heads on the mantle. Luckily, you only have one more child who will do that. Well, maybe not lucky for you….haha…but for the kids.


  3. Aaron

    I made the same title on a message board earlier Sunday Morning. Copy Cat! Happy Easter!

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