Because I knew you, I have been changed for good


Look what’s coming to town!!!!!!!



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14 responses to “Because I knew you, I have been changed for good

  1. C.



  2. mom

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! in May ’08

  3. Yay for you!

    ‘Spamalot’ is coming to Indy next month… we’re going to see it with Mike and Mandy. I wonder if it comes with subtitles for the Pythonically impaired… ?

  4. mom

    Pythonically impaired? Such people exist?

  5. Emily

    I’M SOOO JEALOUS!!!!!! I want to see it soooo bad!

  6. yes, Mom, I married one! 😉 (Or as Mike put it when I floated the idea of the double date, “Because he’s normal!”)

  7. C.

    FART! You are not serious! Whenwhenwhen! Please say in the summer pleeeeeeeeease!

  8. C.

    Hahaha, oh right, in May 08. Dur. When in May 08? Early? late? I hope late.

  9. mom

    Late May to early June ’08.

  10. Trish

    This show is GREAT! I saw it in Tampa and I am hoping that it comes to Orlando this season. I just saw Lion King over Christmas (UNBELIEVEABLE)and just saw Sweet Charity with Molly Ringwald two weeks ago (she is still one of my favorite actresses from back in the day but can’t dance). I have become a musical nut. Definately get the tickets to see Wicked…and read the book too (although the book is a bit more dark).

  11. mom

    Oh Trish we just about have the music memorized! Cath sang that song at her graduation with 3? other people. Cath has read the book and Jeff part of it. Sweet Charity was just in town, but iT didn’T fiT our plans. New keyboard Today me Thinks. ggggggrrrrrr

  12. Trish

    It’s too funny/ ironic about that – Cath’s graduation – I was just going thru my video files & organizing them and was listening to her sing it and was like – OOO- now I know why I know that song! Gotta love technology! O – by the way – just a laugh for all – I am now eligible to be a librarian for any public school in FL!! Books anyone??? : – )

  13. mom

    OOOOOOOOOOOOO books!!!! We Blinn’s LOVE books!!

  14. Laura

    Ooooooo!!!!!! I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!

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