A Knitty Birthday!

Jeff and the girls went to our LYS to buy my birthday presents! This shop is wonderful . I could spend hours here.


Jeff gave me a yarn winder and a SWIFT!! I was sort of expecting the winder, but getting a swift as well was quite the surprise!



Molly gave me this lovely sock yarn(red mix from Yarn for sox) which actually looks like a raspberry red color. I will be making above the knee socks for myself with these. Laura gave me THE most beautiful needles I have ever seen(or used). They are white birch with a clay finial(purple with yellow flowers) made by Serendipity. I am using the needles for a small mystery present, and can’t wait to try the yarn( I think I need more dpn’s!). The girls and I had lots of fun using the swift and winder yesterday.

We then went out to Olive Garden for supper, always a treat. Added to the gift from the big kids from a few days ago, and my day was awesome!

Thanks guys, I love you all!



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4 responses to “A Knitty Birthday!

  1. Kae

    Oh Cindy, how absolutely GLORIOUS that your family feeds your *needs* for your b-day! Hurrah!
    It sounds like you had a lovely time! So glad yours was a very special day!!!

  2. Yay! What a great day. I only *wish* that Matt would take me scrapbook or fabric shopping for *my* birthday…

  3. mom

    Ha! I didn’t even go with them!! And you know how dad likes to give me my presents right away, they all hid them till my birthday. Oh the suspense!

  4. Laura

    Aren’t I the most wonderfulest daughter on earth? *tee hee*

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