My kids are the best!!

My 6 oldest kids and kids in law gave me this for my upcoming birthday!!!!!



I will try to get a better picture of my picture tonight.



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6 responses to “My kids are the best!!

  1. HAPPY (almost) BIRTHDAY MOM!!!

    It was nice of them to print up a little card for you – I thought it would be just a packing slip or something! I felt a little bad, listing all the names that had to go on there, until I remembered that the name of the company is CATHOLIC Family Art… 😉

    Can’t wait to see it in context (a.k.a. on the mantel!)

  2. mommabuck

    Well. I hope when I turn 50, my kids present me with such a great gift! Happy upcoming birthday!


    I like the sixth of your children best, she’s really cool! LOLZ

  4. Emily

    Happy Birthday (though it’s still a day early). I’m glad you loved the picture so much!!!

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  6. Mom! Mom! Mom! Look at this:
    It’s your picture! On the cover of the New Era! Hey, so do I have awesome taste or what?!

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