Today I took the girls and Aaron(family friend) to the RMSC to see the exhibit about money. Laura didn’t think she was going to like it, but was pleasantly surprised. I’m hoping to see it one more time before it moves on, maybe on a day when it isn’t so full of school kids.
Before we got to the new exhibit, we looked up some old favorites. 2A and Molly were trying to use the hot air to get the ball through the loops.
This is a giant bubble. You pull up the rod and it has the soap solution on it. Lots of fun!
The kids bank.
Learning about the barter system.
Using weighted cubes to balance a budget. I thought this was a great idea, Laura really learned from this. I think our next trip to the RMSC will be to the planetarium, as we haven’t been yet.


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3 responses to “Moneyville

  1. C.

    I wish I was there in that bubble picture. That thing is so fun. And so is Laura. Bubbles and Laura all in one picture! It’s just…mind-boggling!

  2. faveDIL

    The planetarium ROCKS! Those were always my favorite field trips in school.

    Basically all of the RMSC is cool. I wish I could go too. 🙂

  3. did you know in Bloomington in July, there is a thing called Bubblefest? No joke. I took the kids one year. Was wicked cool.

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