Happy Birthday Robbie!

Today is Rob’s 21st birthday, and I have been so blessed to be his mother. Rob, I am very proud of you.
Our first picture of Rob.
First birthday!
All boy…
Trying to hide.
Cookies always help.
Hottest car on the block
And it belonged to Robbie!
Ready for the Army?
Ahhh, junior high.
Knowing just how to babysit his little sis.
Best man at Em and Russell’s wedding.
This is my favorite picture of Rob.

I am really proud of you Rob, you have become a wonderful young man.



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6 responses to “Happy Birthday Robbie!

  1. Emily

    what wonderful pictures you found! that is so cool that you found your ultrasound photo!!


  2. heh. The DeLorean! And the Lands End overall shorts! And those floral slipcovers on the sofa!

    Is that Molly? Because she looks an awful lot like MY daughter.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROB!!! Hope you’re having a good time in your trailer.

  3. Kae

    Well, a day late…Happy Birthday, Robbie! I have never met you personally, but your mom is among my treasured friends, and hearing her speak of you so tenderly makes me realize that you are a wonderful person! And I do so want to thank you for serving this grand country of ours. At a time when so many complain about whether things are right or wrong, it is courageous and dedicated young men and women like you who allow us to be able to speak our opinion openly. And for that, I thank you! May God bless you…richly! And Cindy, may God bless you, too, for raising such a precious young man…..

  4. Trish

    HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY ROB! I know that I missed a lot of birthdays, but I am very lucky to have been a brief part of your life (and boy, now do I feel old). I am so proud of both you and your brothers and sisters and I am even more proud to call your mother one of my heroes! I luv the pics of the good ole’ slipcovers too Joni! I remember when they first appeared and of how excited you were, Cindy, to get them. Yet, I love those cool, blue eyes….something that I am ever so envious of with the Blinns……

  5. JDHoosier

    And yet another happy belated B-day to Rob. Hopefully you got your present…
    I love the picture of him stuck behind the couch b/c it’s classic Young Robbie: getting himself into some jam, and when you can’t help yourself, you assure him that you’re laughing WITH him, not AT him… “BUT I’M NOT LAUGHING!!!!”

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