Maggie Moo’s


We had the tastiest field trip today, at Maggie Moo’s. The owner and an employee took us around the front where they make up the goodies,and the owner showed us around the back where they actually make the ice cream. He was making up dark chocolate and orange ice cream, which we got to taste!


In the picture above, Mark is showing us how they make milkshakes….chocolate, yummy.


Here is where the waffle cones are made, and a little secret? They put cinnamon in the mix, to make it smell nice in the mall!


The girls, tasting the waffle cones.


Here, Steve the owner is mixing up my “Mooberry” ice cream with chocolate shavings. The board they do this on is kept at 0 degrees.

We all got a nice little bowl of ice cream, our choice, and the kids got a little certificate. Now, when can I go back and buy a pint of that dark chocolate and orange ice cream?


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3 responses to “Maggie Moo’s

  1. That was pretty tasty….somthing I am gonna do again.(hint,hint,nudge)

  2. Aaron

    Chocolate Shavings Rule!

  3. lol@ Molly’s little pinkies!

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