Done with Beta


So rather than wait till tomorrow, Molly finished up her Math today too! She now moves on from Beta to Gamma….of course now she can’t do any math till I buy the next set, I wasn’t expecting her to finish already.


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4 responses to “Done with Beta

  1. Emily

    Go Molly…Go Molly…Go Molly….

    would you stop them from growing up please, mom?

  2. Kae

    Here is a BIG hearty CONGRATULATIONS to both Molly and Laura!!!
    Oh, to you, too, Cindy, cause math just AIN’T my cuppa tea!!! hehehe Michelle is doing Geometry this year….as I was looking at answers and the “logic” behind it, I can see WHY I could never get it….it IS logic. Math…ah, one of those very BIG hills in my life!!!

  3. JDHoosier

    And on to VHS for Molly… way to go.

  4. Aaron

    VHS? Im still on 8-Tracks.

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