I got some actual sewing done!



So with letting the girls have the week off of school, I got a lot of sewing done. I found this red fabric at Salvation Army, and figured it would make a nice muslin if nothing else, for a gored skirt. I like how it turned out. Still have to hem it, but my ace hem pinner is in Memphis till Monday.


This is the Simplicity maternity duro muslin I made up for Emily. We aren’t sure what size she actually is, so I made up a 10. It looks like she will swim in it. I made it wearable thinking if nothing else she can wear it to clean house in. Now I just have to get it off into the mail.



This is one of my UFO’s. I cut this apron out at least two years ago. I like how it turned out, but I really prefer full aprons, so this one won’t get much use. I looked through the patterns in my room and see that I have THREE retro apron patterns.

Now for next week, I need to work on dh’s pj’s, and my granddaughter’s doll dresses and summer nightie. And school the girls. Maybe they would like to work up in my room? I think I should give up housework though, it will take up too much of my time!



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7 responses to “I got some actual sewing done!

  1. Emily

    I cant wait to have my shirt….MOM. when am I getting my shirts…MOM. hehe… love you!

  2. Kae

    Oh, you are the busy girl!!! Your garments look lovely! And, Emily is pregnant? Oh gosh! Seems like only yesterday we were sitting in Pizzeria Uno, talking about her wedding plans and just being silly! Time has a way of slipping by so fast, doesn’t it? I haven’t sewn since Michelle was little. I used to do a lot of the Daisy Kingdom dresses. Now, all she wears is JEANS! Ugh…Well, take comfort, dear Cindy. Soon the snow will change to rain and it will warm up and flowers will be blooming…..

  3. Kae

    Oh Cindy….back again….I am such a NUT! I was looking at the WordPress site…I am so tired, I read it as having a focus on “atheists” instead of “asthetics”. I was SO sure you are NOT an atheist! Ugh. I hade better put myself to BED!

  4. yeah, I bet that dress will be ginormous on Emily! lol! At least she has a sewing machine so she can take it in or something. I love your new ‘rapon’ – the fabric is fantastic. (Your new glasses are cute too!)

    Now, go get to work on Betsy’s butterflies nightkown! She told me you were going to make one on your sewing ‘chine.

  5. P.S. I have an extra of the regular-duro pattern. You can have it but you’ve gotta come and get it.

    P.P.S. Did you see Dress-a-Day yet? She finished teh Darth Vader duro.

  6. Marty

    Cute clothes. I love the apron and the skirt. The muslin top looks comfy too for the mom-to-be. Great job on your sewing!
    Marty in West TN

  7. Ace Hem Pinner

    Back from Memphis! Took all day to undo what hubby has done — or should I say to DO what hubby has NOT done? Miss that southern WARMTH (74 there today). As soon as my lungs breathed in the cold air, I began to cough, cough, cough! Like the stuff you made! Sewing for me is an elusive concept. But people are calling to have this and that done, so I should probably start in a couple of days. When can we go out for coffee (alone)??? Not that I don’t want the girls — I just want you to myself. And TURN OFF THAT CELL PHONE when we are out! (just kidding) Love, Me (AHP)

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