snowy day

We got a LOT of snow! It was too deep to actually play in.

working on the cake

Laura worked really hard on her first decorating job!

the finished cake

 Here is a picture of the finished cake that Molly and I made and Laura decorated.

I sure hope I can get the hang of this blogging thing soon, I have some other pictures I want to post, but it took me all night to figure out how to get non enormous pictures.



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6 responses to “Pictures!Snow!Cake!

  1. I wish you would have asked for help with the enormous pictures, lol, I would have!
    Love your blog Cindy! : )

  2. Kae

    Yay, Cindy! Another blog to read in between shoveling snow and loading woodstoves! hehehe
    What a pretty cake you guys made! It was beautiful! Hang on, Cindy…I looked at the forecast this morning, and saw the temps are supposed to climb to near *30* by next Tuesday! Far cry from the GUSTY -6 right now!

  3. Hey Cindy! Guess who LOL! Laura did a fantastic job on the cake!!!
    Stay warm!

  4. Hey, I just looked through all your Flickr stuff. I don’t think I’ve ever seen those vintage pictures before – they weren’t in the pile of stuff you gave me to scan. Was it a recent find, then?

    The funny thing is: the picture on your blog header, when I first saw it, I thought it was a picture of *you* that had been photoshopped to look thirtiesish. (And then I remembered you don’t have those skills or should I say SKILLZ.) Funny how much you look like her now. And seriously, how glad are we that we don’t have to do our laundry OUTDOORS? I think I’ll go give my washer and dryer a hug & kiss now.

  5. Emily

    I was hoping you guys would make a cake, but I forgot to ask you! haha. NAH-NAH-NA-BOO-BOO!!! There is noooo snow here! Love you!

  6. Trish

    Miss the homemade cooking….but not all that white stuff!

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